First Day of the Week

So, I was talking to my friend David the other night. He just received a call to be a pastor of a local church about an hour here from Louisville. Really cool for him. I told him that if this church gets big enough to need a missions pastor, then to call me. Anyway, he mentioned that he had to buy a dayplanner to keep up with everything. I made the joke that the week had better start with Sunday or one of his professors would get mad. Actually, his started with Monday like most of the dayplanners being put out these days.

So anyway, the big story is what day of the week do you think it starts with? Well, obviously most of you would say Sunday. Right? This is the easy answer. However, when you think of the weekend, it includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Right? How many of you think, “Oh it’s Sunday, the last day of the weekend?” I used to think this until I took a class with Dr. Donald Whitney here at Southern (also the class that David is in right now). You can go to his website at Why do we look at Sunday as the last day of the weekend? Sunday is the Lord’s Day. Isn’t it great that God has given us the first day of the week as a time of worship, a time to spend in His Word in order to prepare for the coming week? Wow. What a great Lord. So, next time you think about the weekend, remember that Sunday is the first day of the week.

P.S. If you have any questions about the difference between the Lord’s Day and the Sabbath Day, just hollar and we can discuss.


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