Computer is sick

Hey everybody! Sorry that it has been for-e-ver since a blog, but my computer was sick. The connection between the charger and the connection was loose; so everytime that you wiggled it or just slightly moved the computer, it died. So, needless to say it was not good. Anyway, it is on it’s way to the CompUSA shop to get fixed. Yay for the 2 year warranty. Highly recommended. Anyway, the fun part is that even though it’s ONLY a hardware problem, they probably will still have to erase all my files. What the crap? The software runs fine, it’s just that the computer charger thingy is loose. Anyway, that’s just my thougths for the day. I’ll try and keep an update of how long it takes me to get my computer back to the way it was before they erase everything, you know with almost 2 years worth of uploads and downloads and reboots, etc, etc. Hollar at yall later. Enjoy this Lord’s Day . . . you know, the first day of the week.


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