Hot Dog, my computer is back!

Give it up for CompUSA’s service plan. I got a new thing a ma bob that the new charger plugs into and they didn’t have to wipe my memory clean. So anyway, just a little props to the people at CompUSA.

Well, I’ve had alot of thoughts over the past few weeks, but this one is the one that has stuck wtih me the most. Northwest is now charging $15 more to sit in the seats with more leg room! $15 EXTRA dollars on an already expensive flight. What the crap? I think this is discrimination. I can’t change the fact that I am 6’5″ tall and have long legs. I mean, I already can’t afford the room you get in business or first class and now having to pay extra to sit in those seats?? That’s ridiculous. Now, these rich, short people are going to be sitting in these seats while my long legged self is folded into an already too small area. So, if all these airlines follow suit, what’s next? Are car companies going to charge more to have leg room in their cars? Are schools going to start charging the tall kids to get the desk with the extra leg room? Movie theatres? Restaurants charging a fee to sit in a booth?

Well, more later . . .


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