Duke, Church, etc . . .

Well, the Jackson household had finished mourning the loss of the Duke Blue Devils. It was a sad Friday and Saturday. However, Sunday was a healing day watching UConn lose. I’ve never been so happy to see a team lose. So now I am routing for LSU to win it all. Hey, at least we would have lost to the eventual NCAA Champions, for whatever comfort that may bring. Also, I’m still not so certain that Duke couldn’t come back from the “grave” to win it with as wacky as this championship has been.

Beth and I are oh so close to finding a church home here in Louisville and it has not been the most fun process I’ve ever been through. Starting back in August when I was here in Louisville, I and then we have been going from church to church trying to seek where the Lord is sending us, where He will minister to us and use us to minister to others. We have probably visited 6 or 7 churches over this time period and you just really can’t go once to know for sure. You need to go at least a couple of times before you can get a feel for the church and that is just on Sunday mornings. To really get to know a church, you need to go to Sunday School also and maybe even a Wednesday or Sunday night. This past Sunday, we went to a New Member/Informational class at Cedar Creek Baptist Church in south Louisville. That was probably our third visit there and we really like it. On Saturday night, we went to the Young Adult games night. Wow, it was fun/interesting. We played a game of Survivor meets Fear Factor. Long story short, here’s the rundown:
– I had to eat as many Little Debbie chocolate cream filled snacks in 4 minutes as possible. 8.5. Yep, that’s all. Almost threw up twice.
– The winner ate 16. I have no idea how.
– Beth had her first taste of a habanera pepper . . . forgot to tell her not to eat it in multiple bites. Just a little hot.
– Spam eating contest . . . wasn’t in that one
– We tied for first and so won some coupons for free food. Good Stuff.

So anyway, it’s a good church and we enjoy getting up to go. We will keep yall informed of our progress.

p.s., one final prediction – 2008 Duke NCAA Champions, yeah baby can’t keep us down for long


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