Turn to your neighbor and say, “for HIS glory!”

Well, the journey has finally ended.  Today, Beth and I joined Cedar Creek Baptist Church here in Louisville.  It really is the place where God has send us to best serve Him and also to grow our marriage and relationship with the Lord.  We have met some great young married couples here.  YAY!  Will and Beth now have friends in the same city that they live in!!!  HA!!  So, Beth will be getting re-baptized this Sunday to show her re-commitment to the Lord and also since she is coming from a Methodist background (I could write a whole lot more about this but will not now).  Maybe I can post her testimony here sometime.  Anyway, just an update on how the church search has finished.  It was a long process but so joyful now that it is over and yet, is just beginning.

 Sorry, that it has taken so long to write again.  Actually, right now I am supposed to be writing a 10 page paper developing a Missions Strategy plan for a local church as part of my Missiology project.  Last week I finished my 10 page theology project dealing with the extent of the atonement.  Maybe I can post that on here sometime also for anyone to read.  Did Christ die for all the sins of the world or only for those of the people who go to heaven??  Tough question when you look at ALL the Bible verses.

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