0 – 1

Yep Cedar Creek’s Co-ed Softball team suffered a heart breaking defeat last night losing by double-digits to Christ Lutheran.  It was a tough loss.  Ground ball after ground ball through the gaps in the infield mixed with many mistakes by a ‘young’ team cost ole Cedar Creek.  But it’s alright as this team is learning to play together and who needs to cover 2nd and who needs to call for the fly ball.  Yours truly went 0-2 flying out to left on a bad pitch and then hitting a great shot to right center to the girl there who made an unbelievable stab at the ball to catch it and rob me of a for sure triple. 

 There is nothing like church league softball.  There may be a bit of irony in the name of the league.  I played first for a few innings last night, which was near their dugout, and I was amazed at the cussing that was coming from their dugout/players.  It wasn’t vulgar and wasn’t a whole lot, but still, man, this is CHURCH league softball, no?  Maybe it was the non-church member who they invited to play as a ministry . . . we’ll see.  But maybe I just misheard them or something.  You know, the same way I misunderstood the “Good game.  Drink a beer.” offers that we received as we were shaking hands.  Yes, that was offers, plural. 

 Well, I have to start studying for my big Theology II final tonight.  Just wanted to update the fan base.


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