pizza, skeeball, and “are you from around here?”

What a weekend.  School is now finished for the time being so things have kind of settled down for Beth and I and we are enjoying the time that we have to do some fun stuff.  So, on Friday night we went to Chuck E Cheese with Team Hampton (Roger and Courtney) to celebrate a semester finished.  Pizza is always good there.  But after we navigated our way through all the kiddos to get to the skeeball, the game was on.  The jackpot wasn’t that much, but enough to spend your tokens on.  Having worked at an arcade before, I knew the secret . . . bank off the side and into the 100,000.  Works every time.  Well, so I thought before I rimmed almost every ball in and out of the hole.  The game was teasing me.  Meanwhile, the unknown Skee-ball Champion who is Roger Hampton was on fire.  You know you are a skilled skeeball champion when you run the game out of tickets because you hit the jackpot that many times.  Anyway, my ego was humbled at this historic display of greatness. 

So, after realizing that I was so obsessed with hitting the jackpot (which I never did) that I was not sure where my wife was (oops!), I found her and took the few tickets that we had to collect our bounty.  What can 281 tickets get you at Chuck E Cheese?  A slinky, a cool mini-nerf baseball with a rocket tail, some plastic bling ring for my Beth, and some Smarties.  Oh, but that wasn’t the half of the fun.  So, we are just standing near the prize booth trying to see if we can get Roger’s plane to work when I hear, “I’m sorry.  You look familiar.  Are you from around here?”  I turn and see this guy talking to this girl and her “daughter” at the counter.  Now, when I say guy, he was a shade of tanning bed, with perfectly spiked-gelled hair, buff, Abercrombie outfitted, with the shaped and trimmed beard with a hint of shadow, probably in his late 20’s.  The girl that he presented this line to was a blonde probably also in her late 20’s.  But here’s the thing.  She responded with, “No, I’m new to the area.”  Then he proceded to introduce himself and no lie, with in 5 minutes, he had her number.  Now, I’ve never been very good with pickup lines.  No “marbles”.  But this was impressive.  You are at Chuck E Cheese and you spot an attractive lady with a small girl.  Single mom? Aunt?  Who knows.  But this guy waits until she is at the ticket counter trying to buy some cheap toy for her little girl.  No where to go.  And then he drops the “You look familiar” line and it worked.  Now we know it worked cause we stood around for another 30 minutes just watching this.  Yes, that is pretty sad, but it was interesting.  However, I do have to give the man props for even trying to hit on this lady at Chuck E Cheese.  Well, now that I type that out, he picked up a woman at Chuck E Cheese!  Well, at least he should get some style points . . .

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