1 – 1

Yes, that’s right . . . CCBC won our first softball game last night.  Yay!!  First though, I must give it up for West Broadway Baptist.  They were so much fun to play against.  They had so much joy and fun throughout the game always joking about everything and smiling and laughing.  Good job West Broadway Baptist.  This game, however, belonged to the CCBC.  We had some good hits.  Not as many pop-flies as last game.  Lots of good hit ground balls through the infield and some good base running.  We also played really well in the field turning a few double plays and also not making a whole lot of errors.  Way to go Cedar Creek. 

Game ball this week goes to Courtney Hampton for surviving the missed catch by the first baseman which she in turn caught in the stomach as she ran to first base.

Second game ball goes to the pitcher for West Broadway for catching, not one, but TWO hard line drives right back at him.  Whoa.

Now finally, I know you all are anxiously awaiting to know how Beth and I did.  Well, after much practice, I still hit a pop up to right field; however, this time, the fielder missed the ball and long legs here was almost at 2nd when it fell (yes, it was pretty high).  As I rounded third, the base coach sent me home and I scored.  Yay!  I’m now 1-3 with 1 HR.  Beth and I led the 2nd string onto the field at 1st and 2nd base.  We had such a good time.  She played a good 2nd base and we even had a Jackson to Jackson play in the field.  Give it up for the Jackson family.  Ha.  Anyway, we have 2 weeks off before returning the diamond.  Next week is Memorial Day and then we have our bye week.  So, until then.


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