Ah yes, last night Cedar Creek BC battled a hard fought game against Hopewell Pres. and pulled out a great victory!  Yay!  In the bottom of the 5th, down by 3 runs, we methodically scored 5 runs through singles, walks, and some good base running.  Oh by the way, the inning was started by a single from yours truely.  Ha.  Anyway, congrats to Hopewell for playing a great game, even getting a Grand Slam.  Good players, great joy, no rudeness.  Also, game ball goes to Todd Flannery and Dave Miller for filling in at pitcher and to Jo Whitworth and Marisa Eckard for filling in at catcher.

I went 3-3 so I was happy (2 singles and a double) bringing my season stats to 4-6, 2 singles, a double, and a HR.  Not too bad for a tall drink of water.  Beth didn’t make it to the game because of a really bad headache, but she gets the best game ball for letting me go and play while she stayed home! 

Way to go CCBC!

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