I should be studying Hebrew . . .

but I kept thinking more last night and today at church about what I wrote yesterday.  This morning in church in my Bible, I found a sheet of paper with this quote on it, “We should be the designated driver for our culture.”  Background: a few weeks ago we were sitting around and talking about how we can interact with today’s culture yet not fully jump in.  I think we were talking about TV and movies or something like that and Scott Douglas spouted out this quote.  So, when I read it I kind of laughed a bit at church because I think it fits so well into yesterday’s discussion. 

I’m not saying that we should separate ourselves completely from a culture of people who drink.  Why can’t a few guys go into a bar and try and meet some of the people there and invite them to church?  I mean, once you are out of college, where are you going to meet people?  Three places: work, church, bar/club.  Think about it.  So if we as believers are going to witness to people and share about Jesus, where can we go to meet people our age?  Some may argue that it would be ineffective to go into a bar and witness if you weren’t drinking?  “To the Jew I was a Jew.”  I’m just not sure that I can buy that argument.  I don’t look at porn to witness to porn addicts.  I don’t beat my wife to witness to an abusive husband. 

Anyway, it’s an interesting discussion that maybe I can pick up more later.  But until then, just be the D.D. for our culture while sharing about Jesus!

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