I don’t really remember who we played this week but that’s alright.  We won fairly easily because we played really well except for one inning where they almost caught up to us.  I think the final score was 15-9?  Anyway, as always we all had a good time.  Lots of laughs and moments to laugh.  It was hot though.  The air was so thick, it was hard to even run for the ball; but it provided for a good workout.  I went 2-3 and that one out was a stupid swing at a bad pitch.  Anyway, I am now batting .625 (10 for 16) which is good for me considering how bad I started.  Beth got a walk which really is hard to do in softball and a sacrifice RBI.  Yay!!

Anyway, this weeks game ball goes to Kenny “Fair” Ball for not only getting a home run and the game ending knee-scraping sliding catch almost taking out Stacee, but also because his home run actually went to center field.  Yes, that’s not a typo.  Kenny Ball hit the ball somewhere other than the left field line. 

However, props for this game goes to Heidi for not getting Chad out on a force, Shannon for surviving 2nd base, Alan Whitworth for bringing his shoes to be the 5th guy for us, and to our Cedar Creek Athletic Supporters.  With them there in the stands to cheer us on, we just wouldn’t be able to lift ourselves up when we are down.  It’s always great to have Jo remind me to keep my elbow up and Mel to yell, “Go Dukie.”  Plus, I’m convinced that they have more fun than we do playing.  Well, another game next week.  I think we only have 3 more games left!  How sad.


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