Watch out Co-Ed softball league, CCBC is getting hot again.  Yes sir, that’s right.  We won again last night to up our record to 5-3.  I think that with the way we are playing now as a team, we could avenge 2 of those losses.  We played at team with a lot of heart and just not enough talent.  I think they were short handed and then one of their girls rolled her ankle and had to play but couldn’t really move.  But, we did play a good game.  We did not give up many if any errors in the field and actually had some great defensive stops.  Again, yours truely went 3-4, but all of those 3 hits shouldn’t have counted.  They were all pop ups that just were missed.  I’m in a lull in my batting, but a hit is a hit.  However, the best moment was that other 1.  Full count and the pitcher lobs a high arching ball at the plate.  With this umpire and 2 strikes, you almost have to swing at anything.  Anyway, left field was wide open so I said that I was gonna swing as hard as I could and I did.  And I completely missed the ball and spun half way around.  Yep, I struck out swinging.  Beth got another walk.  I’m gonna start calling her Barry Bonds.  She gets walks everygame. 

Game ball goes to the Hamptons.  No doubt.  Roger made a great catch in right to end an inning; and Courtney caught the relay throw to home and tagged out the runner sliding underneath her to end another inning.  So give it up for the Hamptons.  Also, they arranged their flight schedule for next Tuesday to go to the IMB so that they could play on Monday.  Now, that’s commitment.

Props goes to me.  Why?  Well Kenny let me pitch the last 2 innings where I gave up no runs and had 3 K’s.  Not too shabby for a first time.  Props also to Dave Miller for making it back to play with us again.

Well, Beth and I will be on vacation next week, so I may have to get someone to be a guest commentator on the game.  We have next week and then one more before the tournament.  Go CCBC!!


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