Well, CCBC got a great win 2 weeks ago while we were on vacation, which we will be putting some pics of up later and maybe a blog about it.  BUT let me tell you how bad we played this week.  Error after error mixed with 3 no run innings by us = sweet loss.  I think that if we played that team 10 times, we could win 6 of them.  So the league tourney starts next Monday so everyone has to route for ‘ole CCBC!

Game ball this week goes to Heidi Flannery.  She was filling in as pitcher this week and got no help from the rest of the team, yours included.  I went 0-2; but a positive was that both were good solid hits.  One was snagged by the shortstop and the other was a screamer line drive that the LF had to make a good catch to grab it.  Anyway, it felt good to swing that way.  Props again have to go to Beth for getting yet another walk.  I think she leads the league in walks. 

Tourney next week; more to come . . .


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