It’s playoff time in Kentucky . . .

Yep that’s right.  CCBC made it through our first round game last night convincingly beating our opponent.  It started rough.  I mean rough.  They only scored 1 run in the first inning, but had the bases loaded until star pitcher Kenny Ball was able to get 2 quick outs.  Then in the bottom of the first, we went 1,2,3.  No good.  Then Kenny again got them to get 3 quick outs and then the flood gates opened.  We batted around in the bottom of the 2nd to open up a big lead.  And most of the runs were with 2 outs.  Some good 2 out rally base hits.  With the comfortable lead, CCBC’s defense relaxed and didn’t let the small things get us down. 

This week’s game ball goes to the whole team for a good overall performance.  We didn’t let them capitalize on having the bases loaded in the 1st inning keep us from getting them out.  We didn’t let the 1-2-3 1st inning get our bats down the next time up.  Good game CCBC.  Next week, we play at 6:30 and if we win, 8:30 and if we win, 9:30 in the championship game.

Oh yeah, yours truely went 2-3, but it should have been 0-3.  All 3 balls were mile high in the air and it just happens that the 1st and last weren’t caught.  I just can’t keep the back shoulder level.  I did have a long drive down the left field line that just was foul.  Anyway, enough about me even though it is my blog. 


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