All Good Things Must Come to an End . . .

yes, softball is now over!  However, CCBC deserves a huge standing ovation for the way that we played yesterday.  In the quarterfinals, we played Fern Creek who beat us by the run rule last time we played them.  This time, there was no denying CCBC.  We played wonderful in the field and then had a few run rallys and ended up winning 10-4 I think.  Pitching, hitting, fielding, and base running were all wonderful.  Your truely went 1-2 with a sacrifice fly. 

So, that set us up for a semi-final showdown with the undefeated Chenoweth Park.  Now, this was a game.  This team is just a bunch of all-stars, but it didn’t keep us down.  We had great outfield play in this game.  They probably should get the game ball.  We had some good hits at the right times.  We had a 1 run lead going into the last inning and couldn’t add on and they were able to score 1 to tie the game.  Then in the next inning, we got 2 runners on but couldn’t get them in.  Then in the bottom of the inning got a walk and a hit to put a runner on 2nd.  Then the next guy up hit a deep single and the run scored, they win by one.  Oh, we were so close.  Almost.  However, playing this undefeated team so close was good.  I was excited to go out playing 2 great games.

So, Beth probably led the league in walks so congrats to her.  I think I ended up on the season 19-28 (.678) which is fine for someone who hadn’t touched a bat in YEARS before this summer.  Anyway, we will pick it up again next summer.  GO CCBC!!!

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