Why are people so scared of missions?

Interesting title, I know, but here’s my reasoning.  Last night, Beth and I went to the SonicFlood/IMB Missions promotion concert tour.  They are traveling around the US for the purpose of promoting missions.  Well, for those that don’t know, Louisville has a ton of churches.  Everywhere.  So I figured it would be a good crowd.  Even Southern had posters and announcements in chapel and classes.  Well, needless to say, but the attendence was horrible.  Just horrible.  I didn’t see any college students, no seminary students.  In fact, it seemed the avg age of those there was 14.  I’m not any good at estimating people, but I would say maybe 100 or so . . . possibly a few more.  I was disappointed and angry; I still am.  I was talking to Rick, the lead singer, as we were helping to clean up and he said that attendance has been bad everywhere they have been.  In fact, they are LOSING money at most of the shows.

So here’s my thought.  Here is a band who could have toured and charged more than $10 per show and done alright but instead partnered in order to promote missions and is ONLY charging $10 a ticket and no one is showing up!  That’s just pathetic!  Where are all the people?  What’s the problem?  Is it not being advertised?  Does no one care about missions?  Are the host churches not pulling their weight?

Anyway, it really ticks me off and makes me feel bad for Sonicflood.  What does it say about Southern Baptist, who are supposed to be ALL ABOUT MISSIONS, that the concert tour to promote student missions is passing through our churches and communities like the garbage man picking up your trash.  He comes and goes and you hardly even notice.

For any who are interested, HERE is a link to more information.  Note though that there have been a few, and I mean a few, where some people actually showed up.


3 thoughts on “Why are people so scared of missions?

  1. I would agree with what you said. I don’t mean to make light of this, but I do know you will appreciate this. Therefore, I would like to say that we should be promoting mission because there is a song that states so accurately : “Red China has a right to know. They’re needing Jesus down in Mexico. San Juan, Puerto Rico Zimbabwe and the Ivory Coast. Everybody needs Jesus.”

  2. Once again, you hit the nail on the head. Honestly, I don’t think people are afraid of Missions in particular, they are afraid of surrendering their lives to Him. What if he sends them to the 3rd world? What if they have to give up their shiny new car and brick house?
    I’ve been listening to this CD lately and the guy says, “this is no sacrifice. here’s my life.” But I don’t think most of us think that way.
    Glad you aren’t afraid to say what’s on your mind.

  3. That’s reprehensible. I’m a little surprised by the low turnout with the seminary being in Louisville and all but the church support is not a surprise at all. I’ve tried to promote missions at several churches with little success. It’s almost as if the church leadership and read the Purpose Driven Church and missions doesn’t fit their church mission. The other thing is that pastors don’t want to take the focus off of the latest building or money raising program that he is promoting. Sadly, I’d say the missions-minded SBC churches are few and far between.

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