Church and Video

Random post, but think yall will all agree.

So in church, we are currently going through the Fresh Encounter study series on revival and spiritual awakening.  Really good study done by Henry Blackaby.  And not to make fun of this study, but here it goes.  It is a video series that was done some years ago.  Not sure how long ago, but it’s still on VHS.  Anyway, as good as Blackaby is as a speaker, I have so much trouble watching the video because of the constant cut aways to show people in the crowd!!  Now, you ask how I know the video is old?  Well, if you could only see what everyone is wearing and the hairdos of some of the women.  Wow!  Wow!  It’s really quite distracting.

So last night I got to thinking, why do the people taping things like this and church services feel the need to scan away from the speaker and zoom in on someone “listening” to what is being said?  It’s distracting, both to the one who is watching the video and the one sitting in the pews.  I know that here at Seminary, I will chew gum so that I don’t have to be on TV.  Second, you are just asking for that person to not pay attention, pick their nose, fall asleep, etc.  Also, here is a question for ya. . . when you are at church on Sunday morning, do you routinely every 5 minutes or so turn to someone and stare at them and watch them listen?

Think about it and next time you are at church, try it.  People will think you are crazy.  So why should it be any different watching it on TV?  I’m not wanting to watch the people in the crowd; I want to watch Blackaby.  Anyway, just a random thought that I could tell story after story (my favorite is when people aren’t singing) on while on my soapbox.  Oh by the way, when I was in middle and high school, I worked both on the camera and in the booth at my church where I was one of the ones that now I am making fun of.


One thought on “Church and Video

  1. Three things:

    1) I was tempted to stand up and randomly stare at people during chapel.

    2) I did enjoy the soft/acapella 3rd verse with the build up for the slower but more dramatic and moving 4th verse during the hymns.

    3) The Czech’s in the male!

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