“Would Jesus shop at Walmart?”

Yes, I did not make this up.  This morning, Beth was watching TV and heard this commercial with this guy who was talking about how you shouldn’t shop at Walmart esp this time of year because they support child labor and give employees no benefits and then concluded with the above quote.

Ummm, and we wonder why some people have a complete misunderstanding of Christianity.  “Oh yeah, Christians.  Aren’t yall them people boycotting Walmart?”  Sometimes I wish that Christians would think before saying things, posting billboards, making commericials.  I mean, how many steps forward to we have to go to make up for the many steps backwards these people take us?  Is this what we are about?  What Bible are they reading?  I missed that chapter on “Thou shalt not shop at Walmart.”

Anyway, if I was Dr. Moore I could probably write some deep profound article about this and the need for the gospel and it would sound awesome.  But, since I am not, I’ll just leave it out there for your thoughts . . .

I’ve got to go to Walmart to get a Christmas present!


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