Happy Anniversary to us!!

Beth and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on New Years Eve!!!  This is the first chance I have had to get online since we also just moved in to our new house!!  It was a busy weekend with the move so we actually celebrated before Christmas by taking dance lessons.  We learned the Salsa and the Waltz and we go tonight for our 2nd of 2 lessons.  Haven’t been practicing though, but I am ready. 

So now that we are in a new home, I thought I might take this year to write about all the stuff that comes with being a new home owner.  And then for anyone who is thinking about it, you can see the trials and for those who own, maybe you can help!!!  First thing I am realizing is that if something is wrong, I have to fix it or pay someone.  At our apartment, it was just a phone call away.  Now I am having to do it myself.  First task, why is cold air coming out of the vent in the office when the heat is not running?   I wonder if that means there is a hole in the vent under the house?  Well, this weekend I may venture underneath to take a look.

But back to my wonderful wife of 1 year, it was been so wonderful.  I have heard from some people that the 1st year of your marriage is the hardest year.  Well, if that’s the case then we are smooth sailing.  We didn’t think this year was hard at all!!  In fact, it was just stuperendous!!  New word of the day.  All day, Beth and I played, “what was happening 1 year ago today?”  So 1 year down and many more to go.  Thanks Beffie!!

Side note:  I have still yet to try and upgrade my blog stuff so I can post pics.  Hopefully, in February when I am back at school I can get someone (Joel) to help me there.  Until then, enjoy the letters.


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