Yep, our website/blog is moving.  We have enjoyed using Startlogic to host everything, but with the house, we are trying to adjust our budget and $$ vs free really isn’t hard to pick.  So we are moving our stuff over to WordPress.  There, we will basically be able to have the same stuff, just for alot less money.  However, we are working on setting it up where you will still be able to type in and it will transfer you over to our new pages.  Also, we will be using Flickr which has some better options for our pictures and we can change the look to our website if we want.

So, I am also trying to move my blog entries over to the new one so that I dont lose anything.  It might take a while. But in the meantime, head on over to weheartnepal to see our new set up.  Check back often cause it’s going to change each week with new stuff that we add and new toys that I find.

Will J and Beth

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