NFL tells church they can’t show Super Bowl

This is probably the most wierd/sad story I have read in a while.  Check it out here on the Baptist Press.


One thought on “NFL tells church they can’t show Super Bowl

  1. Sounds to me like it all comes down to Control and The Dollar. Or maybe it’s control OF the dollar.

    Let’s see, a congregation and their friends can’t gather together at church to create a wholesome place to watch one of the year’s biggest events (and hopefully some of the year’s best commercials) so the NFL maintains control of how people see the game, while sports bars around the country can? and do? with the purely-positive influences of alcohol all around? (My attitude’s showing, isn’t it?)

    I wonder if there’s a way to make sure that 10% of the NFL’s gross income each year goes to benefit organizations like the one trying to serve its community Sunday (and the other 51 Sundays of the year). Since we can’t watch the game together at church (not even on multiple screens).

    People need to KNOW about this!
    Then pray. Ask God to do something.
    He just might, last I checked He was bigger than the NFL.


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