Boyce Bulldog Basketball!

So, I haven’t really been to any of their games, but I do try toBoyce Bulldogs keep up with how the Boyce Bulldogs have been doing.  Now, all anyone can find out is through the every other week report in the Towers newspaper.  Well, now it’s tourney time and so I thought that maybe somewhere I could find out how they did.  Well, you can’t!!  I just spent 30 min searching everything I could find, even the other schools’ hometown newspapers!  Nothing. 

So, for all you who are dieing to know, the Bulldogs WON last night again the #2 seed Cincinnati Christian!!  This is only their second win of the season . . . at least I think so cause I can’t find record of another win.  They play again today either at 4 or 8pm.  By the way, I had to call the seminary to find out the result.


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