Where have all the Cowboys gone?

Yes, yes, I know.  Why did I put this title cause now you have this song stuck in your head?  Hopefully it will stop in about 2.3 minutes.  So, just go ahead and sing the chorus . . . you know, the part with no words, just kinda sounds?

Finished?  If I ever get to write a paper or do a research project for school later on (like the D. Min or Ph. D. people do), I would give this title to my paper.  Or maybe change “Cowboy” to “MissionMen.”  In 2004/05 while I was doing mobilization work for the IMB, I began to notice a trend: there were no men interested in missions!  I say none, but there was an occasional one here or there.  While I was a Journeyman, it was always the joke that in our region; the single girls outnumbered the single guys by at least a 3-1 ratio.  It wasn’t until the last month of my 2 year term that we actually reached double digit numbers of single guys.  I also worked alot with summer missionaries and it was the same there also.  We just thought it was funny.  Then during recruiting as I began talking with different people in the mission world, they mentioned the same thing happening in their ministries.  When I would speak at a BCM/BSU, there were always more girls then guys who would come by interested in missions.  And we all know that they didn’t come to get my number!  But anyway, do you see the problem here?? 

All that to say that there is a HUGE problem in the SBC world: Single guys are not as involved in missions as single girls!  The next logical question is WHY?  I have my thoughts, but I do not have any ‘formal’ research as to why.  I did do a very informal email interview with some people, and I will post that info tomorrow.  It’s something that I think would make an interesting study, and I am probably just losing my dissertation right now but that’s alright because it’s an issue that NEEDS to be resolved.  So, chew on this for a day or so, and I will post my thoughts with my research tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Where have all the Cowboys gone?

  1. Great post.

    I flat out agree with you. I just started a blog ( trinitymissions.wordpress.org ) for a ministry we’re starting in Baltimore, and one major issue that sticks out is in your post above. I wouldn’t even categorize it as an ‘issue,’ but more as a ‘crisis.’

    Shoot me an email (drew@trinitymd.org) and I’d like to talk about your missions background –


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