My husband, the hot missionary…

250px-nepal_flag_large.pngOk, so, as we’ve been married, I have learned A LOT about Will J, but most importantly, I have seen how my husband has such a heart for missions. Specifically for the Sherpa people of the Himalayas. I’m especially excited that other people have noticed his unfailing love to share God’s word with those who may not embrace it as we do…

Southern Seminary has a bimonthly student paper, Towers, and the first one for March has Will J in it! I’m not as WordPress savvy as him, but I hope I post this so you can read it. His article about his time in Nepal is on the last page of this edition of Towers. Click here to read about my beloved.

I hope this gives you a taste of the passion my husband of one year, 3 months and 18 days…he does like to finish what he starts and keeps his toenails clipped…AND he’s the hottest missionary I’ve ever seen or worked with! ha! He’s all gold!

-Beth J


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