Final Mission’s Thoughts

Well, this post has been along time in the making for along time; however, work got busy, had my grandfather’s funeral, and not to mention the agony of Duke losing in the 1st round (will post about that later) and so things have been crazy . . .

So, I feel like these questionnaires are enough to get the ball rolling on this problem and it IS a problem.  So now the question is trying to narrow down the why, and then trying to pull a 180 on this issue.  Personally, I feel like the blame falls on men.  Period.  It rests on the men of many generations ago who didn’t invest the time in their sons.  The blame rests on those men who never challenged our generation to be men.  The fault lies on our generation for not crying out to our elders to mentor us.  The fault lies on us for not searching out the Scriptures to understand manhood and to be men.  Yes, divorce has been fuel on the fire.  The “marketing” of missions has been fuel on the fire.  The pressure to “get a job” has been fuel on the fire.  But ultimately, it’s a spiritual shortcoming in men not being Biblical men.

Now, I really hope that this issue can be elevated to the level that church discipline, baptism, speaking in tongues, and alcohol are right now in the SBC.  (check out Timmy Bristers’ blog).  I’m not sure what it will take, but I believe that it’s going to take this issue becoming widespread in order for the shortcoming to turn around.  It’s gonna take the IMB looking into how they market missions.  It’s going to take the few young men who are on mission to come back and spend some time reaching out to those young men so that they can see that a calling into the ministry does NOT just mean a calling into the pastorate.  It’s going to take a revival of our Men’s Ministry’s so that those boys who don’t have dads can know and understand what it means to be a man.  Churches are going to have to vamp up their missions programs to young boys.

Unfortunately, I don’t have answers to all these things.  But I would love to start the dialogue to seek out the wisdom that is found in those who might.


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