Post your phone number on YouTube . . .

 . . . and you might get more than 5000 people calling you!!  This morning Beth was watching the Today Show and they had this guy on who said that he just wanted to connect with and help people.  Read the article here.  And apparently, he’s not the only one.  The reporter said that one guy had up to 150,000 people call him from multiple countries.

Now, here’s the point I think.  Baptism numbers for the SBC are way down.  A psychiatrist on the report said that one of the reasons why strangers are calling random people is that they are “looking for a connection or even lonely.”  My feeling is that if baptisms are down, then probably we as Baptists aren’t doing a great job of reaching out to people either ’cause we are scared or may even not know who to talk to or where to go.  Well, if these random people are receiving upwards of 200,000 phone calls, could that be possibly 200,000 people that need to hear about Jesus?


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