Dr. Mohler and the State of Southern

This morning at school, Dr. Mohler gave what he called a “Presidential Briefing.”  It was basically a condensed version of the report he gives to the trustees; but it was still very interesting to see how the school is growing.  I wrote down some stats that I thought were cool.  I also just read on Timmy Brister’s blog where he did the same thing so you can read there also.

  • 1 out of every 4 seminary students in the SBC are studying through Southern
  • In 2006, Southern received $8 million dollars from the Cooperative Program.
  • The tuition at other theological institutions (Fuller, RTS, Trinity, etc) is at least 3x more than Southerns.  Timmy actually has the breakdown.
  • While tuition here is increasing, it is not because the giving is decreasing.  The growth in cost is rising faster than the increase in giving.
  • On campus, Southern has about a 1:30 faculty:student ratio.
  • The enrollment in church music is way down.  When asked why, one of his answers was that in today’s churches, people are not looking toward the seminaries for music ministers.  I thought this was interesting.  Dr. Mohler went on to say that the trustees had this same question.  He responded by asking them this question, “Which of you at your churches when you last needed to hire a music minister searched the seminaries?”  He said no one raised their hand.

So, all in all, it was an interesting report.  My guess is that it might be online.  If so, then I will supply the link later; I haven’t looked yet to see.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Mohler and the State of Southern

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