The Season Begins

Yes sir!  Summer church league softball is back!  And what would be my blog without the game recap.  A slight change this year, though.  Beth and I are not playing co-ed.  Beth retired as the walk leader in co-ed softball, and I was promoted to the men’s team (not because I am good, but because I’m tall).

Our first game was last night where we worked for an 8-6 victory.  It was a very hard fought game.  Quite the pitchers’ dual.  The thing that was different than last year is that we only had 1 error!  Just 1!  That combined with some good fielding by our pitcher Keith proved to be too much for the team we played.  I don’t have a schedule so I can’t tell you who it was.  We are going to have to work on our batting; too many line drive outs and we went 2 innings without scoring a run.

Yours truly went 3-3.  That’s right, you read it correctly, 3-3.  The first one was a drop, but I am still counting it as a hit.  The second one should have been a triple but I missed second base and had to go back.  Doh!  Embarrassing.  The third should have been a double but I was just too tired to run any further.  Old.  Game ball goes to Todd Flannery for hitting a 2 run homer in our last at-bat which turned out to be the 2 winning runs.  Props goes to the rest of the team for putting that first W on the board.


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