“The Creek” rise to victory

(I hope y’all enjoy reading about our softball as much as I enjoy trying to make it fun to read.)

 Yes sir, the Creek won another hard fought victory last night to move our record up to 2-0.  It was close up till the 5th inning when we went ahead and built a large lead that the other team just couldn’t catch.  Game ball goes to Greg for all-around play.  He made a great slide into third, made a diving catch in right, and had 2 big hits at key points.  Game Ball for Greg!  Props have to go to Keith, our ace in the hole.  He made some great pitches and too many quick stops to count at the pitcher’s mound.  Props also go to the guy on their team who hit the ball out of the park TWICE to the OPPOSITE field.  Now, I’ve seen guys hit the ball out of left, but this was amazing.  Final props go to Chad and Justin for both hitting in-the-park home runs.  Too bad Todd only followed that up with a Triple!

Your’s truly only played half the game, but I did make some good calls coaching third base.  HA!  I went 1-1 and had a fielder’s choice so that means I am still batting 1.000 for the year.  Yes, that is not a misprint.  My golf-like swing is still a world-wide mystery but it’s working, sort of.

This is your weekly sports report.  Until next week . . .


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