The Creek start off 3-0

The heat and dust were strong, but The Creek managed to come to life in the final few innings to put out a victory against RBC 22-8.  While that may seem to be a blowout, The Creek put up 14 runs in the bottom of the 4th and then another 3 in the bottom of the 5th to win by the run rule.  Sluggish was the start to the game for us; we were slow in the field and not hitting the ball well.  Luckily, neither was the other team so we were able to stay in the game.  Yours truly started the 2nd inning on the mound, after some coaching by Coach Keith before the game, and ended up pitching real well.  I only had one walk, but no strikeouts.  I did have 2 errors though which I will need to work on.  It seems easy, but throwing from pitcher to 1st can be difficult.

Game ball for yesterday doesn’t really go to any one person; game ball goes to the 4th inning.  Otherwise it was a pretty consistant game.  Props, though, go to Justin who is our stud 3rd basemen.  You just can’t hit a ball past him.  He even pulled off the “fake the throw to first and get the guy trying to run home” jab.  Props also to Chad for sliding into base not once, but twice at the disapproval of his wife.

3-0 is a good start.  Got to keep playing strong.  9:30 next week!!


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