New Attitude 2007 – Wow!

What a wonderful weekend.  There is so much that I would love to type about Na this weekend, but my quick lunch break at work just won’t let me type out all that I want to.  First, there were some live bloggers there so if you want the details of each of the speakers, check out these links:

Each of these is good.  The Rebelution has all the random, but interesting, information such as the favorite things of each speaker, the song list for each session, etc.

As for my own thoughts and notes, it was a wonderful weekend to just recharge.  My favorite time of the weekend was being able to discuss the topics with my wife over meals.  Being in seminary, I am exposed to alot of stuff; some I understand and convey to her with ease.  Other topics take more time and explanation.  This weekend, we were both exposed to the truths of Scripture concerning discernment and were then able to discuss the application to our lives together.  That was such a blessing.  We have decided to take the next few weeks to review each session one at a time.  I hope that as we do this, I will have some time to post some thoughts of personal application and the things that the Lord impressed on me as I listened to the Word spoken.

However, here are a few random thoughts that I wanted to share now:

  • This conference showed me that young adults do care about deeper issues
  • This conference showed me that in a day when attention spans decrease everyday, people can sit still for an hour and half learning from God’s Word.
  • This conference showed me that you don’t have to have a “big” name band to lead the conference in worship.  The worship team from Covenant Life Church in MD was just so humble in their leading of the music.
  • If you have never looked into singing Sovereign Grace songs, I would start today.  They are so rich and full of great teaching.
  • Walt and Kim were able to attend just 2 days after having his tonsils out.  We really enjoyed spending the weekend with them.

As Beth and I begin to digest all that the Lord gave us,  I hope to share some of these things here on our website so check back!

2 thoughts on “New Attitude 2007 – Wow!

  1. That’s awesome that you guys are going to review the messages with each other over the next few weeks. Walt & I should do that as well. Thanks for being an example of applying what you’ve learned!

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