Up and Down: Learning Humility on the Softball Field

Last week, CCBC played probably the best game we’ve ever played.  We beat a really good team 15-0.  Yes, that is a 0.  I pitched and was in a zone; I don’t think I walked a single person.  The defense was just tremendous and our bats were awesome.  We really thought that we had a great team.  Now, we come to last night.  It was hot and really windy which made pitching hard, but not impossible.  We were playing the best team in the league (Last year they beat us into a pulp).  But, we played even with them for the first 2 innings and after our bat in the 3rd, we were up 9-6.  By the time we limped off the field at the end of the 3rd, the score was 9-23.  Yep, they scored 17 runs in one inning!  I was awful on the mound; I couldn’t find the plate to save my life.  And when I did, the defense couldn’t get an out.  The wind would literally blow the ball from the outside corner of the plate to the batters ankles.  Then on the next pitch trying to compensate, there would be no wind.  Throw the ball a little harder to compensate and it’s too flat; throw it higher and the wind pushes it deep.  There was no zone this week; I went to bed last night thinking about how poor the pitching was.  Our hitting wasn’t bad; we did score 10 runs.  But we left too many men on base. 

So, all this to say that sometimes when you think you are the best, you might find yourself giving up 17 runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning. 



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