The Creek stream to another victory!

So after last week’s humbling kick in the pants, everyone was wondering how they would recover.  Would last week be the end of the season?  Would they rebound from the disappointment?  Well, all it took was the 2nd inning to find your answer.  After giving up 7 runs in the bottom of the first inning, CCBC rallied to take the lead in their half.  With the other team bringing up the top of their line up, pitcher Will J threw 3 pitches and got 3 outs thanks to quick reaction by his outfield.  Then, CCBC opened the flood gates scoring 17 runs over the next 2 innings while holding the opponents scoreless.  Yes sir ladies and gentlemen, the Creek are back and ready to play. 

Game ball goes to Coach Keith for not being afraid to mix up the batting line up a bit.  Now, even the bottom 1/3 of the lineup is full of power.  There’s no easy outs in this line up.  Props go to the invisible batting coach.  CCBC hit more line drives for singles and a few doubles than in all the other games combined.  There were only a few power shots; mostly just pokes, dinks, and scramblers.  But, you get enough pokes, dinks, and scramblers and you find yourself scoring 9 runs in an inning!  Props also go to Chad F. for going 4-4 (at least that is what he told this reporter).  Props to pitcher Will J. for recovering from last weeks shellacking.  I think most pitchers would have just not come back.  Also props to the large and loud fan club CCBC has.  Even at 9:30pm, they know how to motivate their team.

So, next week is the last game of the regular season.  A victory and CCBC wraps up 2nd place in the tourney.  Go Creek!


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