What if?

What if someone came to you asking you to join a club.  And after talking for a bit about the club, you asked them, “So, how many members you got in this thing?”  And the person responded, “Oh, I would say we have around 16, 306, 246 people.”  “Wow!  That’s a lot of people.  Must be a popular club?” you might respond.  Then they guy told you this, “Well, that is a lot.  But really, at our once a week meeting, we only have on average around 6, 138, 776 people show up.”  So you do some quick math on your calculator wrist watch and find out that this is only 37.64%.  So you engage the guy further on how he can claim to have 16 million members when only 6 million are actually participating AND when he told you upfront that becoming a member means that you are commanded to be involved in the club!!  The guy squirms a bit and mentions things like, “Well, people are sick sometimes and they go on vacation and they oversleep a bit and they might visit other clubs from time to time.”  So you courteously respond, “So, you mean that you have, every week, 10 million people sick or on vacation or at other clubs?”  His silence says it all.  Finally, you realize that you forgot the name of the club so you ask.  His response:

The Southern Baptist Convention.



Please pray for the leaders of every SBC church that they would take seriously this plague brought to our attention by Tom Ascol.  Even though the resolution didn’t pass, I forsee a year-long discussion about this over the next year.


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