The Creek Ride the Wave of Victory to the Playoffs!

Last Thursday, the Creek softball team finished the regular season with a route of their opponents 18-3 to head into the playoffs with the #2 seed and looking for revenge against their nemesis, the #1 seed.  After a shaky start with the first 3 batters making it on base, the defense settled down and went 1-2-3 without giving up a run.  From there, the bats light fire lead by DH Braylon Dole, who was the #1 new add in church league fantasy softball after his past 2 weeks.  The rest of the team followed suit, including an inside the park home run for SS Dave Raulston.  The Creek was able to finish off the game in a mere 40 minutes, which lead to some trouble after the game (see below).

Game ball for this week goes to Braylon for his hot streak at the plate.  Props go again to Will J for hitting the longest and best hit of his career in a drive that almost hit the fence in the air.  Props have to go again to coach Keith for deciding to pitch this game and making working the field so easy.  Props also belong to Matt for making sure that he didn’t pull a muscle when he swung so hard and missed the ball!

Playoffs start on Thursday . . . Go Creek!

As for the trouble, Creek 2b Jeremy has a surprise birthday party on the following day.  So his wife and friends used the softball game as a chance to make the final preparations.  However, with the game ending so early, they need more time.  So Will came to the rescue and by pretty much assuring that Jeremy knew something was going on, coached Jeremy to going in to the Kroger to buy some food.  However, while there Jeremy got to shopping and shopping and shopping, including 10 boxes of cereal!!  But when it was all said and done with the help of a Kroger card and two coupons, Jeremy walked out with a savings of 51%.  Yes, that’s right and not a typo.  Kroger paid him to shop there.  Great story.

p.s., Jeremy didn’t know about the party!!


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