Creation Museum

On Saturday, about 15 of us from church went to the Creation Museum near Cincinnati.  If you are in the area, then I would highly recommend this museum.  The museum is all geared around creation as seen in the book of Genesis, a literal 7-day (24 hour) creation of the world, and that the world is probably only about 6-8,000 years old.  Even if you don’t believe in either of these two theories, the museum is still something worth visiting.  The displays and animation are very nice; the layout works nicely in moving from the issues of creation and why they belive the Bible to be authoritative to the Biblical story of the world following the 6 C’s: Creation, Corruption, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consumation.

Dr. Moore wrote a very good commentary on the museum which I would recommend to read.  However, I am fairly new in this whole debate about young vs old earth.  But, I did think that the arguments and evidences for a young earth were very easy to follow and seemed very solid.  Coming from a science background in college, I was interested to see how they answered the issues such as the continents shifting or dinosours.  They dedicated a good percentage of the museum to showing how the Great Flood led to the Earth looking like it did today.  The flood explains the continent shifting, the fossil fuels we have today, the animal and plant fossils, and even why we have big thick ice caps.  The science behind what this catastophic world-wide flood would have caused was amazing and very persuasive.  As for dinosours, they believe that they were part of creation, but died out shortly after the flood because of changes to the Earth. 

Overall, definitely worth the visit and the drive.  While you are not forced to convert or to believe what they show, you are presented with a very different view of the creation of the Earth than anything I remember in school that centers on the Bible as truth, God as Creator, and Christ as it’s Savior.  Check it out; I think I might go back again.


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