Random Thoughts of the week

  • Is anyone else as EXCITED as I am that the Simpson’s movie is coming out on Friday?
  • On that note, msnbc.com wrote an article on the Top 10 episodes ever.  (#2 is my all-time favorite)
  • Softball was rained out last week so tonight barring any other rain will be the semifinals and championship game.  I’ll report tomorrow.
  • Has anyone else noticed that Blogs are very similar to local Sports Talk radio shows?  I’ve been thinking alot about this and will give you my comparisons next week.
  • 4 weeks till College Football Season rolls around!!
  • I just finished reading the book Memoirs of a Gentleman and a Scholar about James P. Boyce, the first president of SBTS.  Great book!  In fact, my appreciation for the fact that we even have a seminary has grown tremendously after seeing all that it took to build this institution.

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