This weekend was the Pitts!

Recently, my (Beth) awesome friend, Anna, and her beaux, Brandon, came to visit Will J and I…it was a very good visit consisting of Indian cookbooks, calzones, baseball bats, and chips and salsa.

100_1925.jpg It’s been over a year since I’ve see my seen my dear friend and this is the first or second time since I’ve met Brandon. Anna looks great and I’m so proud of her for “droppin those lb’s” over the past two years. She has hit the 100 lb. mark already! Anna has always been a light to me and I had almost forgotten some of our memories, but I’m sure glad she was here to rehash them with me…

Another thing that I had forgotten about was how hard change is sometimes. Our lives have changed drastically since I left SC, but it’s always refreshing to see some familiar faces and laugh until your stomach hurts…Thanks for coming to Lou-ee-ville Pitts and Brandon!


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