Convocation Message – Dr. Albert Mohler

Dr. MohlerDr. MohlerHebrews 11: 1-6 – the Faith of our Fathers; the Faith that saves

  • Interesting quote – “We believe today the same thing our founding fathers did 150 years ago.” (referring to the signing of the Abstract of Principles)
  • When people hear the word “faith,” they think of faith in faith!
    • But we are saved through faith IN Christ . . . huge difference

Focus on verse 6 – And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him . (NASB)

  • “This faith that saves is a faith that is established on the basis of belief that these things are true.” 
  • This faith is not just faith in God, but we are here because this faith finds it’s capstone in Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith.
  • This faith in Jesus must be clear.  We must be able to articulate the message of faith.  See Acts 16 and the Philippian jailor.

These creeds and confessions of faith have developed from the need to relate what we believe.  Christianity is a teaching faith.  The teaching office is to be honored, with the teaching responsibility to be cherished.  However, teaching is an incredible responsibility.  The consequences of false teaching is eternal death.  And today, these doctrines are being distorted and even denied!  Creeds can express the doctrines in a way in which they can be taught.

Several Reasons why Creeds are Important:

  1. Creeds and Confessions Define the Truth
  2. Creeds and Confessions Correct Error.
  3. Creeds and Confessions can operate as Rules and Standard’s for God’s People.  Why creeds?  Why not just the Bible?  Well, Mormans and Jehovah’s Witnesses stand by the Bible.  We must explain what we will teach. 
  4. Creeds and Confessions Assist in Worship.  Many of our churches sing their creeds and confessions. 
  5. Creeds and Confessions Connect us to the Faith of our Fathers. “They being dead, yet speak.”
  6. Creeds and Confessions Teach.
  7. Creeds and Confessions Protect.  The Abstract of Principles was written into the charter of SBTS to protect the institution.  I want to study with men who will sign their names to doctrine.
  8. Creeds and Confessions Summarize
  9. Creeds and Confessions can Help to Define Christian Unity.

NOTE: Dr. Mohler will be preaching through the Apostle’s Creed over the next year.

Let us treasure this content so that God will be rightly glorified in His church.


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