Chapel – Dr. Mohler – Apostle’s Creed

Dr. Mohler“God the Father Almighty” (Daniel 4:34-37, Psalm 139, Matthew 6:9)

NOTE: While my goal has been to outline the chapel messages, I find that when Dr. Mohler speaks, I find myself listening more than typing.  So what you will find below are just “scribbles” . . . you know, the little one-liners that you write on your order of worship when something sounds cool. 

It’s very important that the creed not begin with only “I belive in God.”  Many in the world believe in some god; but the Christian believes in the thrice holy God . . . the God Almighty.

  • I believe in God” 

All believe in God whether they admit it or not (Romans 1).  The general revelation found in nature should be enough, but the fall ruined that for us all.  So the fool makes for himself the idol.  But, remember that we are known before we are the knower.

If we begin in the wrong place with the wrong conception of God, we will miscontrue the entirity of the Christian faith.  Everything will flow out of what we believe about God.

  • “the Father”

This is a personal God.  He is our heavenly and holy Father.  We should not speak of Him in impersonal terms.

Jesus referred to God as “Father” more than 60 times.

Problem when we work backwards in understanding God as Father by looking at our examples as Father.  We should correctly look at how God is Father and then compare how the men in our church match up with this.

  • “Almighty”

The point of declaring that He is Almighty is that He can do anything. 

When we hear, “I believe in God the Father Almighty,” what or even who do we think of?  Do we accurately know God the Father Almighty?


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