“Tearin’ down the wall”

Well, we finally did it….we knocked a whole in our wall.  My (Beth) brother, Jack, came up this past weekend and while I was at work, the boys had their fun.  They knocked a 2.5×3 foot hole in our wall that separates the kitchen from the living room.  It opens it up quite nicely.  Jack and Will did a really nice job (even if Will only supported & helped verbally – way to go honey!)  Check out our new “subtraction”!

 100_1936.jpg             100_1937.jpg 
Before 1                                                           Before 2                            
 100_1939.jpg        100_1942.jpg
  During…                                                          Almost done!

      100_1948.jpg           100_1949.jpg
      Finito!                                                           What a difference!

 Jack also came bearing gifts from a town afar…..and here you can see them in the below photo.  I love him to death!



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