Chapel Message – Dr. York – 9/18

John 11:1-16

Beginning in John 11, all the events occupy under 2 weeks.  This is the happening that precipitates the crucifixion of Jesus.  Within this narrative, there is a view of the darkside of grace.

We never know when the delays of life will bring deliverance, but we also never know when God is going to allow things in our lives that are exactly the opposite of what we want.

John 11 tells us that there are very dark days out there.  In His purpose and plan, he doesn’t always respond as we ask.  If you are going to have light during these times, there are truths that we must take from this passage.

  1. To trust God’s actions, we must first be certain of His love.
    – We cannot possibly comprehend why God would allow things in our lives so that we do not rely on ourselves, but this drives us into His arms.
    – We can’t judge His love by His actions nor His actions by His love.  The only action that we need to know and trust in is the action of the cross.  It’s the cross that proves we can know God’s love in-spite of what we are feeling at that moment.
  2. To trust God’s delays, we must first understand His character.
    – Nahum 1:7 – “The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of distress. . . ”
    – We only get angry with God when we think that we belong here.
    – This world is not our home.
  3. To trust God’s timing, we must first walk in His Word.
    – Jesus purposely lets Lazarus die.  Jesus understands that the death of our body is not really death.
    – In light of His Word, we can see that He has 12 hours in the day.
    – Are we troubled that Jesus used Lazarus’ death to make a point?  It will only trouble you if you have a man-centered view.  The purpose of his death is the Glory of God.
    – One of these days, our lifeless dead bodies are going to be buried in the ground.  And the trumpets will sound, the Lord will come, and raise us from the dead just like He did to Lazarus.

If my joy is rooted in my comfort, then my joy cannot last.

If my joy is rooted in His glory, then my joy cannot leave.


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