Girl Talk

I (Beth) am currently indulging in a book study which challenges me and my mom to practice biblical womanhood.  The study is by CJ Mahaney’s wife, Carolyn and her daughter Nicole Whitacre called Girl Talk and it’s amazing!  Any girls that read this blog should read the book with your mom and grow closer together through the thought-provoking questions and delving into the Word with your own mother!  It’s a great opportunity to invest time into the one who birthed you and I know that it would make her feel special too…

My “mum” and I have only been reading and meeting via “conference calls” since she lives in TN and I live in KY, but it’s really been quite sweet for me to hear how she is growing and has grown in her walk with the Lord over these years.  She is older and wiser and I plan on truly learning and taking to heart her wisdom…She has always encouraged me and served our family in a mighty way and I just couldn’t let her go unnoticed!  During my childhood, on into my middle and high school days, my mother, Diana, and I have shared encouraging notes, fights, hugs and kisses, long silences, and great laughs, but the most important thing that I am realizing that is so much more important is learning about how she walks with Jesus.  100_1988.JPG

 This past week, we were supposed to write each other a little note describing what biblical characteristic we appreciated about one another, and being the note-writing kind, I wrote my mother a little note about how her servanthood all throughout my years has been amazing and it has not gone unnoticed.  So, I tried to convey my feelings and appreciation through this little card and what did my mom do for me?  She sent me these beautiful flowers at work!  How precious!!  The note was short, but it was very heart felt and it meant a lot to me for the flowers were in a little tea cup with the saucer to accent them.  They are beautiful and fragrant, just like my mom, and just like the way I hope to take after such a wonderful woman…Thanks mom, I love you!

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