Guns n Roses?

Yes…it is…My dear husband, Will, had a “fun day” at work last Friday and he was “Slash” from GNR.  I had to be very creative with the hair….we had some left over top hats from our wedding in 2005, so, I utilized that as well as some yarn I purchased at my nearest Dollar Tree.   A little masking tape and Voila!  We also had to be resourceful with the rest of his attire….we purchased a short sleeve denim shirt from Wal-Mart, cut the sleeves off and he wore a long sleeve black shirt to look like leather sleeves…muhahaha…It was a fun time and they won 1st prize, singing “Sweet Child of Mine”.  Classic!  Check out the pics below…

slash.jpg    gunsnroses.jpg

(Yes, that’s a swiffer as his guitar!)


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