Thanksgiving fun!


Ok, Ok, I know, it’s already Dec. 5th and I’m (Beth) writing this….but, it’s well worth the wait!  These cookies are fall cookies I prepared for Will to take to work.  Will and I got to go home and stay with my parents for the weekend and we got to relax and hang out with our precious neice, Holly.  100_2104.jpgWe had a great time of visiting with my parents and Will’s family too and I’m just so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with wonderful families.  These are the people we grew up with and who helped us along in our walk with the Lord…this time of year always makes me nestalgic of these that are close to me and close to my heart and so thankful.  God is so good and not to sound cliche, but Jesus is the Reason for this season.  Afterall, that’s why it’s called CHRISTmas….


One thought on “Thanksgiving fun!

  1. We really had a nice visit and it was so special to have Holly with us. Now that she has moved to Bristol, the visits are fewer and we have to appreciate evey moment. And for the same reason, your visits are savored as well. As parents, we are nostalgic (or senile) and enjoy watching the young folks. We are truely BLESSED to have you all in our lives.
    More fun to come with the Christmas plans and surprises as we hope to get “the perfect present” for one and all. Being able to give is our blessing this season.
    See you soon and let the fun begin.

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