What is the Gospel?

Driving home last night, Beth and I were listening to Dr. Don Whitney’s sermon on Mathew 25 from the Building Bridges Conference in November.  In responding to the theme of clarity of the gospel, Dr. Whitney offers this definition of The Gospel:

“The gospel in one word is Jesus.  The gospel in a phrase is the life and work of Jesus.”  He elaborates a bit more and says:

“The one true holy God who is the Creator who’s law we have broken and willingly so and earned His wrath; but nevertheless, he sent undeserving law-breakers like us His Son who lived a perfect life so that He could be a substitute for others and He died as a sacrifice for sinners on the cross.  He was raised from the dead to validate this message and all that He claimed to show that God had accepted this sacrifice.  God ascended Him to heaven and placed [Jesus] at His right hand as King overall.  If we would repent and believe in this Jesus and in His work, then He would receive us and give us eternal life.”


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