SBTS Spring 2008 Chapel Lineup

I noticed today that Southern’s Spring 2008 Chapel schedule is now online.  For my preaching class last semester, I had to listen or watch every sermon.  From that, I have developed a love for listening to sermons whether I am at work or driving back to TN.  So, while I cannot attend many, if any, of the chapel’s this year, I am excited to have some new material to listen to.

At first glance, here are some of the visiting chapel speakers that I will anticipate:

  • Feb 21 – Jon Elliff 
  • March 4, 6 – Millard Erickson
  • March 25 – Major General Douglas Carver

When it comes to faculty, you can always count on the professors to have some really good messages.  I am especially hoping that Dr. Orrick will bring his “philosophy rap” to chapel.  Now THAT would be a chapel for the ages!!

Now, while this might not be the most “all-star” chapel lineup SBTS has seen, this was the exact ‘criticism’ (see here in comments) I heard about the speakers prior to Fall 2007.  However, I think that Fall 07 was one of the best chapel semester’s that I have heard since I started seminary in 2005.  There were so many good messages and most of them were by those whose names aren’t the ones that are tossed around in casual conversations.  So, before you dog this semester . . . give it a chance.  God’s Word preached is powerful even if the name may not be.


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