Feeling ordained?

deaconordination.jpgOn January 25th, our own beloved Will Jackson carried on a tradition that has been in his family for 2 generations (that I, Beth, know of).  He was ordained as a deacon at Cedar Creek Baptist Church.  It was an awesome service of praising and hearing testimonies of how we have had some minute part of people’s lives in our short time here in Louisville.  Our new pastor, Dr. Chuck Henderson, challenged Will as a deacon of the church, Dr. Scott Davis said kind words of Will’s character (& my laugh), and we ended the service with the precious ladies of CCBC laying hands on me while Dr. Marcie Davis prayed for me (& my service beside Will as an ordained deacon) and the manly men laid hands on Will while Dr. Scott Davis and Mel Flannery prayed for Will’s leadership and integrity.

My parents got to come up (from TN) to eat with us & witness this blessed event and even though Will’s parents didn’t get to come up, we felt their prayers!  It was a fun experience and I look forward to many more events like this standing beside my man!  I’m so proud of him…


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