South Asia what!?!

Over the past year, Will and I have been thinking (and listening to) the Lord wants us to go back to S. Asia. We have 100_2304.jpgconsidered it a couple of times, but things just haven’t worked out. We don’t have the money, can’t get the vacation time off, etc. (As would any Believer who is considering missions…) It’s been awesome to see how G-money has led me into getting a new job (substitute teaching), which has led me to get a longer term sub position (at a Christian school!) so I’ll have summers and Christmas break off and how Will has stepped up to full time at Summit and has gotten paid vacation days now! Praise Him! We are 98% sure we are going back to the Nepal region and working with some contacts there reaching Buddhists and Hindus. We’ll be going for 2 weeks right before Christmas and right after the New Year. So, as we plan and consider raising money and asking for prayer over the next year, if you feel that the Lord is leading you to give instead of go, please feel free to help us live out Matthew 28:19-20! Here is us in our Sherpa outfits last weekend. We helped out at a missions conference at a small church in Louisville and it was a great time rehashing how much God has drawn us closer to Him and how much we desire to be obedient and serve. We love you all!

One thought on “South Asia what!?!

  1. Please keep me posted! I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to give toward your financial support, but I will have a better idea as the trip gets closer. So excited for you!

    (And yes, I’m leaving a comment while sitting here at work, heehee)

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