Baptist Hymnal 2008 – update

Earlier, I wrote a post about the upcoming Baptist Hymnal 2008 that Lifeway is publishing.  Well, I am a little behind, but the new hymnal is now complete with 647 theologically sound hymns and worship songs . . . and that is just the printed version!  They have also a new twist this year in that there will be an additional 301 songs and contemporary arrangements available online at Lifeway Worship Online.  This website will be the link to get access to all the online material available as well as a new blog to keep up wiht the lastest goings on in hymnal world.  I have not seen the online material on there yet, but it looks like August 8th might be the release date.  However, Lifeway has released the song titles for the nearly 1,000 songs/arrangements; here is the pdf file of the pew edition and the additional set

Now that finals are over for this semester, I hope to have some time to look through this list and see what’s new and what might be missing.  If you get a chance to take a look and have any comments, just drop them below because I would love to hear them.


4 thoughts on “Baptist Hymnal 2008 – update

  1. Today is June 10/2008. I was just at Lifeway and I saw a pile of hymnals near the door when I entered the store. I wondered if it was the new 2008 hymnal, but did not stop to look. On my way out, a friend of mine said that “It was hot off the press.”
    So yes! the hymnal is here, but I have not had a chance to really look through it to examine for musicality, harmonic progressions and conterpoint. Upon first inspection, I noticed that they have included new lingo such as “Connective Worship Readings” in addition to “responsive readings, “Worship Links” and an index called Creative resources. At first glance, I would say that this is a very strong attempt to copy the “Celebration Hymnal” which has far better worship sequences and modulations.
    On another note, my concerns from reading the famous article by Harland and your blog: are these 300 new songs singable at all, and why are we taking so broad a spectrum in trying to please “everybody and his brother?” pardon the pun . . . and at 13.95 a pop can most churches even afford a new “hymn book?” Epecially when gasoline prices are currently at 4.00 a gallon, and the denomination (according to a baptist statistician) in decline in baptisms.
    Also, in the last two years there has been a large exodus from more “contemporary” worship services to a more “traditional” even different denomination here in our town. Yet one church that shall remain nameless, is starting a contemporary worship service seeking to snag “displeased” members of other churches.
    More later,

  2. I just returned from the SBC Annual Meeting where the Lifeway Worship booth had copies of the new hymnal availble to look at. The vendor also said that the printing is finished and ready to go. So Pete is right, the hymnal is on its way to the stores and churches. However, I believe that he said the website still will launch on 8/8/08.

    Also, they had the hymnal available in soft covers which was real nice.

  3. What I’d really like to see is a complete hynmal in one PDF file, suitable for storage on a Kindle/Nook. I carry my guitar and kindle when I go on vacation. Having a hymnal in the Kindle, along with my other reading material, would be wonderful, but nobody seems to be doing that. I got the Lifeway Worship Project CD, but you really need the html interface. I want (and hoped for) a single, large pdf with a “clickable” index.

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